Mentor ONE child – Change TWO lives!

CROSSROADS: Community Partnership for Youth, Inc. is committed to making a difference in the lives of Houston’s youth and our community as a whole. Since 1968, community volunteers have been recruited, screened and trained to mentor thousands of youth between the ages of 10 - 17.

As youth prepare for returning to their communities, they are often challenged by some of the same at‐risk situations that influenced their behaviors prior to committing an offence and are often at risk for re‐offending. Mentoring youth still in the detention centers can and does help reduce the likelihood of recidivism upon their release by connecting them with adults in the community who can provide guidance and direction.

Why Volunteer with CROSSROADS?

What could be more exciting than doing something to enable an at-risk youth to develop to their full potential? Think of the pride you’ll feel in helping a child with their schooling so they can graduate and are ready for success in the future. Turn hopes into possibilities for Houston’s youth. Be there to help young boys and girls face challenges and keep positive when they feel down. Your influence can guide a child in the chance for a better future. Do something positive for these children. Be the bridge that takes troubled youth to a better place. Motivate and encourage young Houstonians in need to go in the right direction. Lend your wisdom in times of crisis. Plant seeds. Leave big footprints to follow. Create a ripple effect that impacts generations to come. Seize the opportunity to shape the future. Share your courage, smarts and vision. Reach out with a full and giving heart.

How it Works

Our trained volunteers provide positive role models to youth referred by the Juvenile Probation Department and serve as mentors in a one-to-one relationship, offering the guidance and direction that has been lacking in the lives of these youth. These adolescents have been identified by either the judge or their probation officer as being at-risk of committing further criminal offenses and are in great need of positive adult role models.

CROSSROADS mentors are regular people, just like you! Please consider devoting just one hour a week to the future of a needy child. Many times you are their only visitor. To become a mentor, you must be 21 years, attend training and commit to at least one hour a week. A background check is conducted on all volunteers. Please download and fill out the following forms:

  • Criminal Background Check Form
  • CROSSROADS Mentoring Application
  • CROSSROADS Volunteer Questionnaire
  • Our volunteers believe in the power of hope and second chances. By investing time with these at-risk teens, our mentors tell these kids something that they have probably rarely heard: “You can do better.” Sounds simple, however for many of these kids, encouraging words are indeed a rarity.

    Last year, CROSSROADS matched more than 200 volunteers to mentor 437 children. A positive bond between a developing child and a nurturing adult pays rich dividends that last a lifetime. Please consider volunteering to be a part of the reduction of youth delinquency and help create a safer community. Contact us to learn more or sign up online today.